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Better Roads Radio Podcast | Episode 12 Dennis from Bio-Pave

Dennis Helmer is the Vice President of Sales for Bio-Pave Products.

In this episode we discuss the new rejuvenating agent “RePLAY”.

What is RePLAY™?

RePLAY™ is an 88% bio-based asphalt life extender that performs well as a surface preservation solution and also enhances traditional sealcoat preservation.

When applied to an asphalt surface, the patented solution reverses the oxidation process, penetrating up to 1.25 inches deep in the asphalt in a matter of minutes.

RePLAY™ introduces new SBS and SBBS polymers to the mix (Styrene‐Butadiene‐Styrene & Styrene‐Butadiene‐Butadiene‐Styrene).

As these polymers chemically bond to the oxidized asphalt, they reverse the weak condition, restoring elasticity and strengthening the surface while increasing the durability and longevity of the asphalt.

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