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Episode 9: The one where Blair talks with Patrick Faster, President of the Asphalt Recycling and Reclaiming Association

Pat Faster

In this episode, Blair and Patrick discuss:

  • 3 Main Challenges in Project Selection, How to decide what method to utilize between FDR, Hot-In Place, or Cold-In Place
  • Depth and Coring information (where and what intervals)
  • PCI Ratings
  • Importance of traffic count, past present and future
  • Why your agency must have a current inventory and index rating of current pavements
  • Distress Identification Guides (Options)
  • Case Study of Rockdale County saving MILLIONS with the Three-Legged Stool System of Pavement Management
  • Why you should ALWAYS utilize the “Comment Fields” in your evaluations
  • Know the minimum depth needed for Hot-In Place Recycling
  • Basic Asphalt Recycling Manual (BARM)
  • Timing for re-building the road itself

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