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Archive for February, 2014


Episode 5: The one where Blair presents Hans and his team at the City of San Jose with the IPMA Award of Excellence for In Place Asphalt Recycling

Hans and his team

In this session of Better Roads Radio:

Blair stops by to present the IPMA Award of Excellence for In Place Asphalt Recycling in lieu of conventional rehabilitation to Hans Larsen, PE and his staff at the City of San Jose, CA. Blair records the session to provide some notes for Tina to write a press release with and before you know it, we have another content filled podcast session just for YOU!

Listen in with Hans, and his team (John, Ricardo, Henry, Pam and Noi) as they discuss all things pavement management, in place asphalt recycling and pavement preservation. During this podcast you will hear:

  • why the City has a 400 million dollar backlog deficit of bad roads, headed for 870 million
  • why San Jose may never be able to get to all of the roads under current funding
  • the impact that the gas tax has on the pavement management shortfall
  • how will the ADA legislation clarifications by the Department of Justice impact current funding and planned rehabilitation projects going forward
  • how the City will combat the backlog deficit of bad roads while continually providing pavement maintenance
  • about the first City ever to adopt dimmable LED lighting or its major roadways
  • why San Jose won the bronze award from Green Roads and the Award of Excellence from IPMA for doing cold in place recycling and other green procedures
  • what do you do when you only have 20% of the money you need to maintain your roadways
  • how to educate your elected officials on the need for pavement maintenance
  • how to best spend the funds that you have while being creative and resourceful
  • how much dollar savings were realized using cold in place asphalt recycling with the foamed asphalt method

Hans and his team are pavement management RockSTARs, and this session is full of useful information that you can implement at your local agency today!

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Episode 4: The one where Blair drives around with Kenny and Thomas in Richmond, VA


In this podcast:

  • Kenny and Thomas describe the myriad of different pavement sections in the beautiful City of Richmond, VA
  • Kenny discusses how he jumped in head over heels and contracted out 240,000 SY of hot in place recycling last summer and LOVES IT!
  • The duo from Richmond explain the importance of setting up a pavement management system and how it will reap benefits for many decades to follow
  • The subject of pavement fabric and sustainability come up as the trio of pavement managers drives up a 7 % grade that was recently paved with some new fancy pavement fabric that melts when recycled
  • ADA legislation clarifications by the US Department of Justice are discussed amongst the trio, and how this will effect the City of Richmond, VA
  • What impact will the pavement management study will have on the big bike race next summer?
  • And finally, how do you evaluate cobblestone roads in MicroPAVER pavement management software….. do you really have to “trick the system”

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