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Episode 3: The One Where Blair Corners Scott McDonald, IPMA Advisory Board Member and PAVER Guru

Blair & Scott

Hey everyone, Blair gets a chance to catch up with Scott McDonald, APM, one of the IPMA Advisory Board Members during a pavement management training session for a local agency.

During this Podcast Blair and Scott discuss:

  • the buy in necessary from all of your politicians and agency engineers
  • the components of a successful MicroPAVER installation at the local agency level
  • what is the cost to implement a PMS
  • what is the biggest bang for your buck as an agency engineer?
  • Scott covers the 14 most important elements of a successful PMS
  • Blair asks Scott, hey what is an AHA moment and what do seasoned pavement managers benefit from this AHA moment (even those that are seasoned MicroPAVER veteran users)?

Enjoy the high level expertise we have brought you in this episode everyone!

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